Theme, Mottos and Emblems

Session in 2020

Sing, dance and Look To Our Future


WGM: I dedicate this year to my Father, Fred Waldon, who without his Masonic membership I would not be in the Order. To my Mother, Marjorie Waldon, who if she had not been a member of the Eastern Star, I would never have known about this fabulous Order. And, to my Aunt, Mildred Moir, who signed my petition 41 years ago. I also dedicate this year to the members of Queen Mary #3 who have given me the support, guidance and encouragement to embark on this journey, Our Journey.

WGP: I dedicate this year to my wife, Rosanne, who is my rock, my inspiration and the reason life has meaning. To be able to be in an Organization like the Eastern Star with her is what helps it all be fun..


WGM:Psalms 23: 1-6  The Lord is My Shepherd John 14:6  Jesus said: “ I am the way, the truth and the life”
WGP: Hebrews 11:1  Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen


Join in Harmony to ensure the Order of  the Eastern Star in Manitoba has a Future.


WGM: Enjoy every minute of every day. Live life to the fullest.                                                          .
WGP : You can’t beat fun. I like being a Mason but I love being in the Eastern Star!


Faith, Hope, Preseverance and Dedication

Fun Emblems:

WGM: The Dragonfly - a symbol of Courage, Strength and Happiness., Songbirds
WGP : Eyeglasses - 2020 Looks to our future, Monarch Butterfly - not afraid to go the distance and good looking too


Musical Notes and Dancing shoes


The colours of our emblematic Star: blue, yellow, white, green and red.


WGM: Lady Slippers, roses and wildflowers
WGP : Carnations and spider mums


WGM: 50s, 60s, 70s’, We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters) That’s Rock and Roll (Shaun Cassidy), Betcha by Golly Wow (The Stylists), Any dance music from any era, He, My Best To You
WGP : Faith of The heart (Rod Stewart), Dancing Queen (ABBA), Elvira (The Oakridge Boys), A Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash), A Boy Names Sue (Johnny Cash)


Amazing Grace, Let There be Peace On Earth

Honoured Station

All the stations are honoured.  If it wasn’t for all our dedicated members in office, our family would not be complete.

Grand Chapter Projects

Project #1

Eastern Star Chalet - An afternoon at the Races, 26 October 2019

Project #2

Lung Association of Manitoba AND Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba - cash raffle

Project #3

ESTARL - Church Service collection and Cinderella’s closet both at Grand Session

Project #4

Chapters to raise funds to stay in local communities

Non Monetary Project

In lieu of corsages - Chapters to collect winter apparel and toiletries and to distribute locally.  Visit with members who are unable to attend meetings.